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Automotive Carpet Protection Film - Just arrived!


A specifically designed film for temporary protection, that has a water based adhesive specially formulated to adhere well to synthetic fiber carpets, without leaving any sticky residue. This carpet protection film acts as a barrier of protection for your carpet for up to 30 days.

600mm wide roll x 100M in length.  Over 160 sheets per roll !

Perforated every 600mm  for ease of use.  Printed with “Dealer must remove Protective Cover”

Ideal for car floors and luggage areas, caravans, boats and anywhere where protection is needed.  Used by car dealers to protect new cars prior to sale, detailing shops, workshops and car yards. 

Written by Carl Chatterton — February 11, 2014

Corflute Protection Sheets now available



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What is corflute?

Fluted polypropylene sheeting is designed to protect walls, floors, columns, doors, windows and fragile products and equipment.

Corflute is easy to cut and form and can be joined with tape.  100% waterproof, corflute it is ideal for containing spills, protecting against wet foot traffic and as a sealing membrane.


  • Protection of walls, floors and windows
  • Subsoil protection applications
  • Formwork
  • Packaging
  • Waterproofing Membranes and retaining walls.
  • Enclosures/Partitions


Available in the following sizes & colours:-


1830mm x 1220mm x 2.5mm

2440mm x 1220mm  x 2.5mm


1830mm x 1220mm x 2.5mm




Written by Carl Chatterton — December 02, 2013

Window Film now available!



Protect your windows when decorating, during fit-outs and renovations with our Blue Tinted Window Film.


Simply sticks to the glass and comes off clean when you have finished your work!


UV treated film so will not deteoriate even in direct sunlight.   Film is recommended to be used for up to 90 days. So for longer jobs just simply replace every 3 months!


Comes in 2 standard sizes, 610mm wide and 1220mm wide (roll lengths are 100M).





Written by Carl Chatterton — February 08, 2013

Protect Stairs and Floors

Protecting stairs is just as easy and safe as POLYSTICK clings to the floor, leaving a protective, safe layer of film to guard against heavy foot traffic, spills and dirt.

Written by Carl Chatterton — December 16, 2012


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Written by Carl Chatterton — August 01, 2012





Due to the wide range of surfaces which this product may be applied to, we would expect users to carry out a test, before use, on a small area of the surface to be protected. This precaution should ensure full compatibility with our adhesive system.


Ensure that all lacquers, varnishes or other finishes have fully cured before applying protection film. Failure to do so may result in a transfer of marks from the branding onto the surface. Our self-adhesive protection films are designed for temporary surface protection against debris, spillages and potential scratches; they are not designed for protection against corrosion, humidity or chemicals. Do not use on PVDF, plastisol or polyurethanic paints.


We cannot be responsible for the misuse of this product, nor for the consequences of its usage for non-recommended applications. Furthermore, if you choose to use this product without first testing it to ensure compatibility with the relevant surface, then you do so at your own risk. The product guarantee is generally limited to the replacement of a product if it should prove to be defective and does not in any event cover claims for consequential losses. 

Written by Carl Chatterton — July 26, 2012

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